How does shipping charges work with exchanges or returns?

If returning an item to our warehouse (whether it is a return or an exchange for another item), it is the customer's responsibility to pay the return shipping charges. Feel free to use whichever shipping method you prefer to send returned items back to us (see NOTE below).

(NOTE: For shipping items back to us, we do recommend that you take advantage of a mail carrier's (UPS, Postal Service, FedEx, etc) "delivery confirmation" feature. This will allow you to easily track your return and make sure that it gets delivered to our address. Although most returns do successfully make it back to us, you should be realistic and realize that mail carriers (UPS, Postal Service, FedEx, etc) do occasionally make mistakes and may lose/mis-ship a package. In the rare event of a mistake occurring, you want to be able to track your package to see where it ends up at. We cannot be responsible for a returned item that was lost/mis-shipped in the mailing process. Once again, for this reason we do recommend that you use a "delivery confirmation" feature when sending back an item.)

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