Why Kids Love the Giraffe?

If anyone tells you they do not enjoy going to the Zoo, then they are either not a good friend or not telling the truth. The zoo is a magical place that helps children and people of all ages appreciate and learn about animals of all kinds while seeing them react, interact, and live in their everyday environment.

Going places and having experiences like this really stick with children through the years and give them positive memories of these moments. With all of the animals to see and learn about at the zoo, one animal consistently remains a favorite…giraffes. The extremely tall, beautiful and graceful African animal the giraffe is one exhibit where you will always catch people mesmerized. Maybe it’s their height or extremely long limbs, or maybe it’s their coloring or the way they interact with one another, but watching giraffes are simply enchanting.

With the Raffi Giraffe Rocker taking that educational and loving experience from the zoo to at home with your little one could open a possibility of doors for them. Opening the threshold of communication to ask questions and become knowledgeable of different animals and their backgrounds could lead your little explorer to becoming the one to one day teach others.