Monkeying Around Can Be Fun

From a young age, we are granted nicknames by our loved ones. Some choose practical ones, and others are just cute and silly names that develop over time. Either way, these nicknames become a part of our identity as we grow older. One thing parents will always say to their children no matter how old they become is, “you will always be my baby,” which gives us all a sense of comfort and home.

A nickname that is quite commonly heard throughout many families and households would be “monkey.” When you’re a child being a cute little or silly little monkey is something you take pride in. Monkeys are cute, charismatic, adventurous and cuddly which is exactly how children should be! Because we want those nicknames to hold a special place in the family heart, we have made the Mocha Monkey Rocker.

This plush rocker is the perfect addition to your little monkey’s playroom, bedroom or living room. It’s soft fabric and adorable bananas branching off of the tail provides that welcoming and loving feeling that every child wishes for. The Mocha Monkey screams fun and charming which is something we just know your little one is going to fall in love with.