Ladybugs are Good Luck

Children are naturally curious from a very young age. Always wanting to see things, touch, smell and sometimes eat. Their innocence and eagerness to learn and explore is what makes them so much fun.

One thing that almost every child loves to explore is nature. The smells, feels, colors, animals, etc. Our world of endless trees and grass and flowers brings happiness and joy to children. Being in nature provides them a sense of feeling free and independent. In nature, as mentioned, are animals. From bugs and squirrels to birds and fish, coming across animals when exploring nature is a major part in why it is so thrilling for kids.

To offer that experience at home, Rocking Horse provides you with Lulu. Lulu the Ladybug Rocker with a friendly smile offers a plush cushioning seat for you little one to feel that excitement and joy in the home as they do out in nature. We all know that many believe when a ladybug is flying and lands on someone that it is thought to bring that person good luck. Ladybugs have always been a beautiful part of nature. A colorful, cute, and gentle bug that gives us all a sense of peace and hope when we come across one. Making Lulu a part of your child’s playing and growth experience will bring all of the good luck and fortune one could hope for.